These two way Radios can be mounted at the top of the water slide, allowing two communication with the attendant at bottom with out the worry of dropping a hand held walkie talkie into the water or on the patrons below. 

These sationary  2-way radios put wireless communication right where you need it!

Position the compact and durable Q Series 2-way radio callbox virtually anywhere.

Callboxes maximize manpower efficiency, improve safety and service response times.
Deploys easily, no wires, no trenching, no construction required.
Use stand-alone CallBox’s with alkaline batteries or powered with an external AC adapter.
The Q Series callbox provides crisp, clear, long range voice communication that allows staff and visitors to communicate with your analog radio-equipped personnel. 
From points near and far, a wharehouse floor, maintenance garages,  gated entrances, delivery docks or the 9th Tee.
Accomplish more with your 2-way radio system!
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