Audio Innovators Message Repeaters are customized to the clients needs. Weather proof  digital message repeater are a reliable way to get an audio announcement where you need it when you need it.

GO-KART Systems

3 Button Go Kart Message Repeater

Rider Safety Messages: Our Safety message repeaters, can be triggered  for pre-loading instruction, Secure all items, Ride advisories or continuous play for those standing it line. Providing safety instructions for loading and unloading instructions, ride height, weight, or accompanying parent requirements.

9 Button Jockey

Message repeaters may be played back manually using an external trigger or using the front-panel START button.

Most products utilize flash memory card which makes it possible to store hours of audio at very low cost. Some models are equipped with relays for audio synchronized device control applications

22 watt self contained message repeater/ motion sensing activating messages

Exhibits, Zoos, Museum & Park Information: Our audio message players and repeaters can provide sound for museums, galleries and exhibitions; anywhere sound can enhance the visitor experience.  Audio message playback may be started by push button switches or automatically with a motion detector.  Information messages can be played at specific times of the day with our clock and timer based models.




Choose for its high fidelity output, trigger able audio, versatile operation mode and WAV/MP3 support.


Units Are Weather Tight, come with a Power Supply and a SD Card.

Each trigger can handle over 256 files and up to 12 triggers per unit.  Custom Designed to meet your needs and Safety applications.


Our message can be customize to your industry needs. contact us about your projects to discuss the best equipment to meet your needs.

Message Repeater Applications:

Rides Safety messages

Go Cart Tracks Loading and unloading proceedures

Go Cart Track Safety Rules

Rock Walls

Batting Cages

Bounce Houses



Ride entrances

Ride line Ques

Ride Safety precaution

Height requirements

Loading and unloading procedures

Rock walls

Fun Houses sounds

Dark House sound and buzzers

Triggered Sounds

Scream Packages

Safety messages

Warning sounds

Ticket Boxes info and Rides Safety Guidelines

General Guest safety rules

Safety precaution for expectant Mothers

Safety warning for those who may have physical limitations ( heart conditions, back problems, neck problems)

Check height and weight requirements

Park Entrances Welcoming messages


Purchasing Info

Inclement weather advisory messages

Special upcoming events

General Park info

Food and Beverage Stand

Continuous Play messages describing food items

Drink Specials or souvenir cups

Food Line Que info


Continuous Play Grind messages

Game Rules

Gold Fish, Drag a Fish, Lucky Duck, milk cans, Speed Pitch, Water Games, Derby s, basket balls, Tub games, buoy, ring a bottle, bottle up, Balloon game, Beer bust, Cat rack, flip a frog, bank a ball, wacky wire, block buster, cork gun, Machine gun, star dart. Etc.





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