Audio Innovators AI831 WireLess Systems

A Perfect Way to Set The Midway’s Mood!


Central Base Station with Audio Mixer, Desk Mic, Base Station Ant.

Centralize you music  /  paging without wires.  With over 4k feet of range. High quality Fm Audio.

Operating on Unlicensed Frequencies on the 900 Mhz band, gets you though the toughest areas.

Don’t bury the wire, Sent it though the air. No Digging – High Quality Audio – Interference Free.

Our products provide excellent frequency response, Need not  burden wireless networks and are does not interfered with them. Open field range starts at 2500 feet. Optional directional antennas can greatly increase range to 4000 feet and up. Higher power wireless audio options are available for military and law enforcement applications.


 Antenna with Mount, over all height  24 inches.


Wireless Standard Audio Receiver Features

Line Level Output Stereo Output (RCA)
50 Hz-15 kHz Frequency Response
24 Channel Selection
Built-in Noise Reduction
Part 15 for Unlicensed Use



Wireless PRO Audio System Features

Dual Diversity Receiver

XLR and RCA Outputs
30 Hz to 20 kHz Frequency Response
Noise Gate to Eliminate Low Level Background Noise When No Audio Present
24 Channel Selection


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